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NLC began life as an internet radio station run by Dave Tongue (AKA Big D') the “Rockin’ For The Children” festival in association with Orange Amplifiers, is a 2-day charity music festival in aid RACPA UK and NLC for Autistic Children Project charities.

Being diagnosed with ASD myself in 2017, and after a lifetime attempting to deal with social and sensory issues, I think it's really important to try and raise awareness to the huge mental struggles of everyday life which effect people on the Austistic Spectrum.

The Brief:

It was decided that I should come up with an event super hero - I quickly came up with 'Captain Noise' and made him a kind of Guitar Hero who shoots sound waves and lightning bolts from his guitar, the rest of the event design just followed the look and feel of the character.

Along side the branding of the event we also produced a Captain noise comic which follows the storyline of Oliver, a kid on the austistic spectrum who can summon Captain Noise from music soundwaves, through his headphones and phone, which gained lots of positive feedback from attendees of the event + people on the autistic spectrum