Moving campaign all lay
Annual report 2006 1
Annual report 2006 2
Choose Derby A4 Flyer 1
Choose Derby A4 Flyer 2
Annual report 2010
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Governors info pack
Trust capacity folder
Energy save campaign 1
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Energy save campaign 3
Energy save campaign 4
Energy save campaign 5
Manual-Handling 1
Manual-Handling 2
Manual-Handling 3
Manual-Handling 4
Manual-Handling 5
Manual-Handling 6
Manual-Handling 7
Manual-Handling 8
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Move bus side
Move billboard
Move leaflet
Move A1 poster
Move alt billboard
Lift folder and die cutter guide

NHS: Over the past 10 or so years I've worked on various projects for the NHS mainly for Derby and Nottingham - somtimes working onsite - with a small team of designers and photographers in the medical illustration departments working on projects ranging from signage, leaflets, posters, medical illustrations, trust magazines 'Synapse & Interactions'  below are a small selection of some of my favorite projects