What's crackin'

Monday, 23 March 2020 09:34

Looks like most of us (self employed graphic designers) are in the same boat at the moment so not sure about what steps to take next to try and generate an income in order to buy essentials and pay bills, it’s been a bad year for me even before the corona virus went nuts, as I’ve not had any paying work since early November and now this - slightly worrying as I’ve worked from home for the past nine years and don’t really socialise, only leaving the house for emergencies, so life is pretty much the same for me I’m just left thinking about the homeless, how are they suposed to self isolate? and what can be done to open up un-used properties to help out - recently read somewhere that a man has been imprisoned for not abiding to quarantine laws on returning to the uk, and turns out it’s because he was homeless and had nowhere to self isolate??? 

Hopefully, me and my old school pal Aron Kirk will start work on our next children’s book entitled "Caleb and the Conker" which will give us something to work on, although I prefer to work on the illustrations when Aron as sent me the complete story so thats something to get to work on.

Still wondering if theres any sales, chatty, social people who would like to get involved in feeding work, not herd anything so far, I think the only way I could get someone interested is by having a sales, marketing and accounts person help to get a sales, marketing and accounts person on board, so if anyone knows of anyone just send me an email